How I Spent My Summer Vacation (The Short Version)

I worked.

Summer came and summer went: there were a few trips to the beach and provincial parks, and we had exactly two fires in the backyard firepit (which I kept up, meticulously, all summer long for fucking no reason, apparently). I got and lost a tan ... and I worked. A lot. And so did my girlfriend. And we never really got around to doing the things that we had sworn we'd do this summer. Just like last summer.

Why? Because we're fuckin' poor, that's why. We're in debt and getting in debter by the day. As it turns out, I am not destined to make a living wage from music or writing, ha (nor she as an artist). We work crap jobs that pay poorly: we scrimp and argue and do what we can do to shield her son from the fact that we ain't been doing so hot lately. You wanna know what I find to be incredibly funny: the idea that one should have six months' worth of living expenses saved up in the bank at all times. This is fucking hilarious to me. I cannot conceive of this ever coming true; not just for me, but for most people in general. I mean ... how? Who's making all this money, and by doing what, and how are they living so goddamned frugally in the first place? I don't know who these people are, but I hate them.

I wish I could trade horror stories for utilities and lodging, like straight-up swap that shit. 1800's style. I'd give the landlord 1 bag of millet and an original story every month. Aha, who'm I kiddin'? Where the hell am I gonna get a sack of millet?.

So - enough bitching, for a second. This, instead - Anecdotes in Ashes, the horror microfiction anthology from The Assembly - it's here, and it's good, and it's free today, Oct 7th, exclusively on Amazon. Want a link? Here.

Anecdotes in Ashes

I'm still plugging away on my own anthology of longer stories ... I've got some previously-unseen doozies up my sleeve that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy. I hope they're good, anyway - they seem like they're good at the moment, anyway. Naw, you'll like 'em. Promise.

Well, it's late yet again and it's waaaay past bedtime - I'm a shitty blogger, and possibly a shitty human being. But I'm a pretty decent horror author. There's always that.

But am I really? Well, go check that book out, and judge for yourself, I guess.


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