The Horrors of Reality

Shit is coming to a head, so hold the fuck on.

I'm gonna start this off by saying a heartfelt "sorry" to all who suffered injury in the recent bullshit that went down in Boston, be it physical or mental. If  I could have somehow prevented that from happening, I would have. I would have killed for you. If  I could somehow do so, I would gather you all together and earnestly try to tell you that it wasn't your fault that you all got caught in this. The horribly banal thing about such an evil act is that the victims can be anyone, anyone at all. It doesn't matter to the perpetrators who the victims are, really - in fact, I'm sure that they'd rather not know. They didn't want to hurt you , directly - they wanted to hurt people. "People" is a nameless, faceless enemy that a sick mind can dehumanize and target for violent reprisal, whatever the nonsensical reason for this murderous act might be. If the cowardly perpetrators had known you all as individuals, as names and faces, you better believe that the fuckers wouldn't have gone through with it. Individuals are our friends and neighbors ... crowds are not. Crowds can be seen in any light that you deem to be the most suitable for your own selfish motives.

Generalizations can be so very, very dangerous. Can't they?

Another thing that has been gnawing away at the back of my mind lately, like a rabid little rat - North Korea. Kim has the bomb. We all know he has the bomb. No one is concerned. Why? The man is clearly a sociapath (at best) and might actually be full-blown, Looney-Tunes crazy. I've seen a lot of pacification in the news on how North Korea doesn't have the capabilities to launch a missile over to the Western Hemisphere, and I get a  general feeling of "Oh, whatev, his shit be weak and he ain't got no game" from these articles. Frankly, I do not give a shit about where in the world a nuclear missile might launched: I give a shit about any nuclear weapons being detonated at all. Anywhere. Here's two succinct reasons why:

First - atomic weaponry is a horrid, awful thing that should not exist. Should. Not. EXIST. No lives should ever be lost to such a monstrous, evil, wicked fucking thing, not anywhere. I can't understand why the technology involved in splitting an atom would ever have been sanely considered as a way to wage war. I just ...  y'know ... what the fuck, people?

Second - It's not as if the radiation hangs out over the blast zone, does it? No. Radioactive material gets flung high into the atmosphere and then it gets spread in every fucking direction by the winds. It settles on stuff and then stuff fucking dies. It might not die immediately: more likely, it will die a long and torturous death, the stuff will. That stuff could be vegetation, any species of insect life, animals, or you. If the stuff is closer, it will die of radiation poisoning. This is a horrid way to go. Further away, the stuff will die from a variety of cancers. This is a longer and equally horrid way to die.

Get it? It doesn't matter if they can't reach us with a missile. They'll get us eventually. Personally, I'd rather us all be atomized in a blast than perish of leukemia.

I dunno why the world is so fucked. It always has been, really ... just browse historical articles on Wikipedia for a while and you will see a pattern develop: people have always been at the mercy of a handful of rich, powerful madmen. We still are, and I despair that it might always be this way, until something wreaks havoc upon the earth and we're all fucking killed.

Man ... fuck this. I need another beer. I'm gonna end this one by paraphrasing a Facebook friend:  "It'd be nice if we could all stop bombing each other now, don't ya think?"

Everything and Anything

Right now, as you read this, there are a number of missiles streaking through the upper edges of our atmosphere; they are arcing a graceful, deadly curve far above the cloud cover, where the blue sky fades to purple and, not much further upward, to black. Powerful madmen have made their irrevocable decisions, and you are about to die. Those ICBM's are headed smack-dead into a major urban area near you, and there's no time to run. Even if you could flee, where would you go? I'll explain:

Nuclear war has been declared, and it will be the final war; there will be only one, and no others after ... because there won't be an after. There is most assuredly no such thing as a small-scale nuclear war. Every nation that has the technology is scrambling to employ it -  it's a domino effect. One megalomaniac launched his arsenal, and then fucking everybody did, and the entire world is presently about to become a fiery, chaotic, radioactive hell. This is happening because men in power are rabid jackals at heart. They will sacrifice everything to destroy their enemies. Everything and anything.

You have only a few minutes left, so you might as well spend it with your loved ones. Hug them, tell them whatever you need to tell them; weave a flimsy shield of words around you and hold them tight. If you are alone (whatever that unfortunate reason might be) I suggest that you go outside and wait for the flash, if you are far enough away to not be instantly obliterated. Don't look directly at it. When the winds first start rolling in, they will be warm and acrid. This is your clue that death is about to come roaring over you and the world you know. Close your eyes and brace yourself, because this is the end.


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