Revisiting My Salad Days

Getting nostalgic already?

About a year ago, I was out of work, riding the unemployment insurance train to Boredomsville. It was kind of a low point - there I was, exiting my mid-thirties with no job, and nothing to show for my "music career" except for a few unpopular albums and a lot of miles on the van's odometer. I felt ... ah, not good. Like a loser.

Then I remembered about writing.

All through my later childhood/teen years, I struggled to become a decent horror writer. I wanted to be like my literary heroes. Of course, I wasn't anywhere near patient or mature enough at that time to be any good at spinning a scary yarn. In fact, I sucked at it. Real bad. In my early twenties, I finally said "Fuck it!", and quit trying. Not too long after, I picked up the guitar, and that particular odyssey began. Years passed, and I forgot all about writing in my pursuit of rock 'n roll glory.

But, last winter, whilst stuck in my rut, I remembered about the joy of losing myself in the creation of different characters, dramatic situations, and (of course) monsters of all kinds. So I penned a short story; a nasty little zombie-type tale called Nine Brief Scenes From the End of the World. The girlfriend encouraged me to post it on,  so I did. It garnered enough praise and attention to be chosen for the NoSleep Podcast, a podcast dedicated to narrating the stories of the Reddit horror writing community. This gave the story even more attention, and a few encouraging comments from readers inspired me to expand it into the full-length novel that some of you might be familiar with, 99 Brief Scenes From the End of the World, an opus that was originally published as an online serial. I then self-pubbed it on Amazon and Createspace - to date, I've sold a few hundred copies on Kindle, roughly one hundred paperbacks, and have given away over 4000 free Kindle copies during free promotions. Not bad, for a guy who got into the game just 12 months ago.

Well, this is Story Time, so why don't I go ahead and show you the short story that started this whole ball rolling? It's a quick, fun, ugly little read. Enjoy!

9 Brief Scenes From the End of the World


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