Vomiting up a Story: Sometimes, You Gotta Do it!

A painful but exhilarating experience!

I've gotta admit, I haven't really enjoyed writing 50 Shades of Decay.

It's not a bad piece of writing, really: it's just pointless, that's all.

I started this particular serial (published on Reddit, which is my usual writing stomping grounds) to mock the shit out of E.L. James and her piece of crap"erotica" series, 50 Shades of Grey. Also, I wanted to poke fun at slut culture, clubbing, and a lot of other nonsense - but in the end, the story has become an exercise in the grotesque. I'm being shocking for the sake of being shocking, and that's some bullshit, right there. I like to keep things brisk and gory, but to be gratuitously disgusting with no point or reason is in bad taste. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, to be honest.

Anyway, here's part four of this debauched spectacle. Enjoy?

Fifty Shades of Decay: Part Four


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