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I am not good with computers ... not at ALL

I wish that I could just, y'know, write stories and books and stuff. Nice and simple. That would be kick-ass, because I am not good with computers. Not at all. I had to create a Twitter account, 'cuz that's what all the self-publishing cool kids do - and it took me forever to figure that crap out. Actually, I STILL don't know half of how to use that site. Shit like that is literally beyond my low-tech cognitive abilities. So, eventually I'll figure out how to make this blog look less like some crappy garbage, and more like something a reasonable human being might actually want to kill some time looking at.

Wow, I did it. Victory for the neanderthal!

Okay, this blog is called "Story Time", and therefore I will give you stories to read. Here's a couple of  really, really short stories that I originally posted on www.reddit.com/r/shortscarystories/, a fun little sub-reddit where you can rip through a large number of stories in a short period of time. Good for bus rides, or going poop.

Gelding Day

The youth felt extremely sorry for the livestock. He hated their screams. Today, his job was to geld the young males in the herd. The others went about their grisly work with stoic expressions, clamping the Gelder into place and pushing the button quickly and deliberately - to them, it was just another job that had to get done. The youth dragged behind, slow as he could, wanting to repeat the horrid action as few times as possible.

An Elder approached, overseeing the task, and the youth blurted out, "Why must we do this? It's cruel. Isn't there a better way?"

"They only suffer momentarily," the Elder consoled. "It must be done, to prevent unwanted breeding, and to curb aggression. Homo Sapiens are prone to violent outbursts, especially if they aren't being put out to stud. Only the finest specimens can be allowed to rut, you know that. Now, pick up the pace, young one! We still have much work to do in the slaughter-house later."

What Goes Around, Comes Around

"C'mon, bitch, stupid bitch, run faster!" Steve gasped, and he slapped Maria hard across the back of the head, making her cry out. Behind them, the awful things were gaining, lurching with eerie speed out of the fog. Steve grabbed her arm cruelly, and dragged Maria along behind him. "Fucking stupid bitch, do you want to die? Run, goddammit!"

The fleeing couple pounded down the road to the car, the ululating howls of their unnatural pursuers getting closer by the second. Steve slapped his pockets frantically. "Keys, fuck, where'd you put the keys, moron?!"

"I've got them here!" Maria shrilled back at him. She unlocked the driver's side door, jumped in - and, starting the engine, dropped it into drive and took off in a spray of gravel. Steve could only watch, helpless, as his long-suffering girlfriend screamed, "Who's the stupid bitch now? Have fun!" then sped away, sticking her arm out the window to flip him off.


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