Of Kittens and Lunatics

People Love Kitties

I mean, they really, really love those crazy, jumping-around-like-a-wolf-spider bits of fluff, don't they? They'll adopt like, seventeen of the things, and love each and every one of them like a child. As for me, I don't mind cats, as long as they're fixed. I don't scary-love them to the point of being a fucking weirdo, though.

 I posted this little quickie on Reddit and, at first, there were downvotes and bitter outrage. Personally, I think it's a feel-good story. You be the judge.

Paw Prints

One by one, he threw the helpless kittens into the burlap sack. The first kittens in the bag squealed and meowed pathetically as the accumulating bodies of their siblings smothered them. Their pain and fear made the man smile. He walked to the edge of the creek and along the bank, looking for a deep spot in the water. He found one soon enough, at a bend, and clambered down the embankment to stand on the rocks at the edge of the water.

"Bye-bye, kitties!" the man laughed, and prepared to launch them into the water. As he cocked his arm back to let the bag fly, his feet slipped on the mossy rocks, and he fell hard. The back of his head smashed, with brutal force, onto the jagged rocks beneath him. One by one the kittens escaped the bag, running past his twitching body and back up the embankment. They left tiny bloody paw prints on the rocks behind them.


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