Aliens are Scary

I want to see one - but, not too close, y'know?

I'm fascinated with UFO's. Almost unhealthily so. I'm convinced that the Earth is pretty much swarming with the fuckers, and that most governments and ruling elite are well aware of this, and that they have (one way or another) adapted technologies garnered from the alien visitors. No, I don't wear a tinfoil hat - I just think that the evidence of this being true is overwhelming. Photos, videos, credible first-person accounts ... 

Now, let's consider the incredible gains we've had in all sorts of sciences and technologies since World War II. After some five hundred years of slow, linear progression in the creation and tempering of the sciences, shit suddenly got fucking advanced, man. From Velcro to advanced computer technology to freakin' face transplants, in the past seventy-some-odd years the human race has exploded with ingenious innovations. Coincidentally, the start of this wave seem to occur during the beginning of the era of UFO sightings (nuclear technologies, however, were pretty much our baby from the beginning. Can't blame extra-terrestrials for that one).

Here's another creepy vid that will make you either want to scan the skies, or hide inside at night.

I think that we should keep in mind that, as "alien" as they are to us, we would also be to them. I wonder how they perceive us, from aboard their craft (if that's what those things are, even)? During an encounter between us and them, who would be more freaked out?

Deer Diaree

Deer Diaree,

Today sumthin happen witch I cant not explane at all. It is harvest time now mind you and I been drinkin for three day strate now, sleepin almost none at all and workin til maybe I gonna have a hart attak. I got mebbe three week tops before the Ranes come and drown my feelds. The preshure to get finnished in time drive me to drink and I hit my wife sometimes too. But any ways what I meen to say is that what happen wernt from the drink, it rilly happen to me today.

Tomorroh I will call the Sheriff and he will bring a camerra to take pickshures of the mess. Then everyone will see I aint lyin none at all, even if it sownds like a lye it aint.

This is what happen.

I was just finnishin the cuttin in my north fortee. It has a big slope in the middle of the bitch, it rise up probably fifteen degree or more then down aggen. I had my cousin Ell out helpin me, he drive the harvester and I come in behind on foot an make sure he stay strate when he drive it. Well he didnt he went off coarse and hit a fuckin rock that bust the blades reel bad. He was drunk.

I yell at him and tell him he aint no good. He tried to bite my ear and we fight and I beet him up. We was rollin around kickin and fightin in the damn dirt and we roll down that bitch slope all the way to the bottom. I got up on top and pound him out reel good when I herd sum noize like a bunch of beez on fire, only way I can describe it you see. I stop hittin Ell and look up cuz there is a shadow over us too but there aint no clouds in the sky. I look up and theres a fuckin flyin sawser comin down from the sky. It happen just like that. The sawser look like a shiny mettle bowl on top of a couple sawhorse with flame shootin out the bottom. Ell started screamin it was aliens like what we seen at the picture show a couple yeers ago in town. He screemin Let me up, Let me up I'm gonna run away, an he pushed me offa him and run like his ass were on fire. I just sat in the dirt and watched it flote down to the top of that slope, it was like I was to scairt to move. I was froze an couldn't run, my hart was poundin and I feel sick to my stomack. I could feel the wind comin off the thing as it came down, hot and smelt like burning wires. It were pretty big, at least the size of the harvester and twice as tall. It had some weerd letters or markings on the side of it, like nothin I ever seen before. It were an alien langwich, you know, I could see that rite away.

A door open on it then and I figger the aliens was coming out to git me. This made me jump up off the dirt and run back over to where my gun was layin in the weeds, I always bring it in case of wild animals. I grab it up and see that they WERE comin out to git me, five of them! They was small no bigger than a kid, they walked weerd and was all shiny to like the sawser. They had no faces, it were just like a shiny glass bubbel insted. I yell at them to stay back but they didnt, they kept on comin and i felt a sting where one shot me with a string of lite and it burnt me good on my chest. So I fire back, and Im a good fuckin shot I shot all of them dead. Red stuff came out when the bullets ripped threw them, and they make these awful hi pitch noizes. One must have stayed in the sawser becuz the door slide shut and it took off fast back up into the sky.
I stay back and wait til I know they was dead, the sounds stopped an they lay still there on that slope. Then I come up and I looked at them.

They was so tiny and little. So much red stuff in them tho I could hardly beleeve it. I thought maybe one was still alive and movin a bit so I stomped on him hard and I herd braking sounds come from under my boot. I was mad becuz the little fucker shot me with a space gun. I tried to pick up the little gun but it was hot and burnt my fingers so I threw it out into the weeds and swore.

Twomorrow the Sheriff will come and then I will get my pickshure in the papers and maybe get some money, who knows? I hope so farming is a hard life, and now I got a harvester to fix. My only help around here is Ell and he aint no good. I have drew up some pickshures of the sawser and the aliens, but I aint good at drawin not like my wife she can paint pretty pickshures and it make me sorry I use my fists on her. Any way I will try and make the markings I seen on the side of the sawser heer in my diaree.


I hope that more of the aliens dont come back on my land becuz if they do I will shoot them all dead like the others. I will.


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